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Simple Step Stool

I usually need one of these step stools around the house for those silly cabinets above the fridge or top shelves. Of course, many current homes have space above the cabinets themselves and this would allow you to reach there too. I know I have seldom used pans and dry storage up there!

My last home had a free-floating cabinet and light bar wrapped around the kitchen perimeter which was open to the vaulted ceiling. A stool like this would be valuable to knocks the cobwebs down or adjust the LED lights and timer I tossed up there.

My friends over at 100things2do came up with a free plan to build this out of nearly any wood or scrap you have around. Easily less than 1/2 a sheet, it may take some elbow grease depending upon what you start with.

They left some pretty good pictures and precise measurements, so you can get started on the measure twice, cut once today 😉

The finish, stain or paint is up to you. If you are particularly crafty, you could hinge the steps after filling the bottom to have a bit of hidden storage

Good luck with a useful step stool project like this!

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