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Bat House Plans

Bats are one of the most efficient insect predators in the world. They are especially prized for eating mosquitoes that carry a number of deadly diseases like malaria.

While some of the most spectacular flocks of bats reside in caves and number in the hundreds of thousands, you can also build a simple bat house for a small area around your house.

It is helpful if there is standing water somewhere within a mile or so for hydration, but they can get most of that from the insects themselves if needed. A side benefit is some great fertilizer, guano, that can be collected from below the house. Here are 13 great facts about bats to peruse 🦇

Bats are nocturnal, mostly because it’s easier to hunt bugs and stay out of the way of predators when it’s dark. Bats do use their eyesight to see things in the daytime, but most bat business is done under the blanket of night for convenience.

From the plans below, you can scale them up to make single, larger houses or place several in various strategic locations. There may be some temporary residents (bees, moths and possibly squirrels) until bats find the space, but they get shooed away after either being eaten or harassed by frequent visits.

Here are the plans and hope you can get one of nature’s finest bug eaters to take up residence near you! 🦇

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