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31 DIY Projects for this weekend!

I stumbled upon this article/plan/outline for 31 DIY weekend projects from WoodWorkBoss that you could do in 1-2 weekends. They are all fairly simple woodworking projects using inexpensive woods and basic power tools to cut and assemble.

While not required for all projects, a Kreg pocket hole jig and a miter saw are a couple of basic tools to make things much easier, stronger and faster.

All of them include step-by-step guides that are easy to follow and real time-savers and, if you don’t have tons of experience under your belt, these tutorials are simple enough even for beginners!

If you already have some reclaimed wood, then many of the 31 DIY weekend projects will barely cost anything. Friendly on your wallet and short assembly times– this is a great combo!

The most complicated step of most projects is cutting but, thanks to detailed instructions, cut list and images, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I have a thing for Delta and Porter Cable power tools, so here is a link to the Delta inexpensive slide miter saw with a laser guide. Second link is for a random orbit PC sander that I have used and abused for years, but it keeps trucking right along!


For most of these projects, you can just go completely wild and use all kinds of wood bits you have laying around, no matter the size or angle. In fact, the quirkier they look, the cooler!

You’ll need to sand your the scrap wood and then paint them the way you like – you can paint them colorful or get minimalistic and paint them black and white. Nearly all of them can be adjusted to fit your decor even if you have to add aluminum or steel angle iron to deliver a sleek, modern look.

Good luck and start building one of these project this weekend!

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