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$15 Rustic Wine Rack

Our friends over at The Rehab Life posted a really simple $15 rustic wine rack made out of basic woods. It can be stained, painted, beaten to look old, trimmed with aluminum for a modern look or curved for kids room (not for their wine silly…).

Depending upon decor, you could even lay down a macrame or photo background to personalize it before finishing.

This could also be used for books, magazines, as a yarn rack, for fruits in the kitchen, water bottles on the go or any other racking purpose. Just make sure there is enough support on shelves and hanging method to carry your weight.

To make it really easy, it would be best to have a chop or miter saw and a powered screw drill driver. You may want to offset the holes, but it is not required.

This could easily be done in a 1/2 day depending upon personalization. You’d have to add on for drying time and other adjustments you choose to make it your own!

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